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Women, Children, and Civilians Among the Dead Following Terrorist Attack in Kabul

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One of our recent Instagram posts is graphic and difficult to watch as it contains photos from an explosion that happened at the Abbey Gate of the Kabul airport in Afghanistan. 

Updated reports now say there were two explosions just outside of the airport, where masses of Afghan citizens and foreign citizens alike have gathered in attempts to evacuate the country. 

The latest update reports 14 dead and many more injured as a result of the blasts. Among those are United States servicemen, civilians, and several Taliban guards. 

The United States and other nations warned citizens to avoid that area of the airport as warnings of this kind of attack had been circulating at least three days prior to the explosions. It has been confirmed that this attack was committed by terrorists, though no group has been officially named. The fact that the victims of this blast were foreign and Afghan alike points to an outside terror group. 

Though this attack hinders the attempts by foreign nations to evacuate all their citizens and other approved individuals, most plan to continue with the evacuation efforts. In spite of reports that the Taliban prevented many people from entering the Kabul airport and caused them to miss their flights, many have been able to make it. As of now, hundreds of thousands of people have been evacuated out of Afghanistan, and thousands more eagerly await evacuation. 

Another heartbreaking post on our Instagram shows the brutal reality for those left behind to live under Taliban rule. The first video shows a woman in a burqa being publicly flogged by a man while spectators helplessly watch. In the second video, an injured Australian citizen runs after being beaten on his way to the airport for an evacuation flight. The video ends with gunfire. 

This is not okay! We at Karmagawa and Save the Reef stand with the people suffering in Afghanistan. Our prayers and thoughts are with them, and we have mobilized to do what we can. 

Please donate to our fundraiser to help the people of Afghanistan! Every dollar will go directly to charities currently helping on the ground there, including Partners Relief & Development and Save the Children! You can help by donating to our fundraiser right now! 

Share this with your friends, family members, and followers so we can provide as much help as we can to these desperate people! 

Stay informed of news and events about animals and the environment from around the world by following us on Twitter and Instagram. The more we can spread awareness, the more we can make a difference for positive change in our world.

 What are your thoughts on this developing situation? Share them with us in the comments below.

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