Tiny Island Community Saves an Entire Species from Extinction

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A community on a tiny island in the middle of the Indian ocean worked together to save an entire species from extinction.

Seychelles magpie robins (SMR) were only found on Fregate Island, a 500-acre tropical island in the nation of Seychelles … and at one point there were only 12 left.

The magpies are known for their inquisitiveness and their ability to mimic sounds, such as human words and sounds from other animals.

The birds began to disappear in the second half of the last century after trees and plants were demolished for development purposes.

Luckily, in 1990, conservationists, including the BirdLife International organization, focused their attention on saving the intelligent bird. 

The community worked to keep the magpies safe by removing threats such as predators and pesticides. In the late 1990s, a private investor worked with the Seychelles government to turn the island into a conservation retreat. This brought money, jobs, and resources to help save the beautiful birds.

Because of the community’s efforts, there are now nearly 200 SMR on the island today. Some birds have been relocated to nearby islands so that the entire population isn’t concentrated in one location — and so the species has a better chance of survival.

Although the birds are still on the “endangered” list, they are no longer considered “critically endangered.”

This is a great example of what we as humans can do to protect animals that deserve to have a place in our world … and how important it is for us to keep them in mind as we go about our lives.

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